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[OBSOLETE] Postgres connection pool, load balancer and write-replicator
DBBalancer is no longer maintained upstream and is increasingly
difficult to continue to package for Debian. A much better
solution is to use PGPool which suffers from none of these
deficiencies and is a better and more easily configured
system in any case.
This package now recommends PGPool as a result.
DBBalancer provides facilities to transparently implement:
- pooling of connections
- load balancing across multiple backends
- write replication to multiple backends
DBBalancer is a middleware daemon that sits in between database clients, like
C, C++, TCL, Java JDBC, Perl DBI, etc programs and a database server. Currently
the only server supported is PostgreSQL, but the architecture is open to
embrace more servers in future.
Also see http://dbbalancer.sourceforge.net/ for more information.
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